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Pain is a whisper; our goal is to address it before it becomes more than a whisper.
We look at your overall body and assess where the dysfunction lies.

Client: C.S.
I started with Fit Plan 360° while I was still working. My job was extremely stressful! They got me through my last 4 years and to retirement. Stronger and calmer, than ever. For 10 years we tackled my balance, posture, weight, stress, and pain. At the age of 73, I got Covid with Covid pneumonia. I spent 3 weeks in the ICU and 4 more weeks in NHC rehabilitation center. I attribute my life to ALL the hard work with Fit Plan 360° before this dreaded virus. If it weren't for the lifestyle and my prayers, I wouldn't be alive today!

GOAL: Better Balance
We all fall. Young or old. What we do before the fall, will change the outcome! We will test posture, ankle mobility, and range of motion. Set a plan to improve for fewer falls and a quicker recovery if we do.
Client: R.H.
I have been working with Fit Plan 360° for Senior quality-of-life training. I am over 80. I had a very bad fall. The Dr. said, "If I weren't so strong when I fell it would have been so much worse." I am healed, after a long journey. I am back to Fit Plan 360° and on my way, once again. My advice, make the call and never stop pushing forward.

GOAL: Weight Management
We will assess your current eating habits and set some realistic goals to help you become more nutritionally balanced. Decide what is missing and help to fix it.
Client: S.W.
I will admit I have made that call more than once. They know what works. If you need help with working out how to execute or an accountability partner to help you get it done, Fit Plan 360° will help you get there.

GOAL: Pain management
We will assess what hurts and why. Then, set in motion a plan to gently get that pain down and get you back to your life.
Client: W.T.
When I started with Fit Plan 360°, I suffered from shoulder and ankle pain from a fall when I was younger. After stretching and improving my body mechanics I am back to riding and lots more!

GOAL: Better mobility
We will assess your current abilities and set a plan to get you where you want to be.
Client: J.S.
When I started with Fit Plan 360°, my goal was to get down on the floor and play with my new grandson. At the age of 75, now, I can not only get down to play with him, we have picnics in the backyard often with his cousins. Praise God!

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What Our Clients are Saying

Beckie is a very enthusiastic, motivational trainer. Each workout is geared to specific needs! Wonderful for us older women!

M. K. – Columbia, TN

I look forward to each class and always feel more energetic when I leave Beckie’s class…also, and most importantly, I trust that Beckie will NOT let us injure ourselves!

D. B. – Columbia, TN

Beckie’s is great for whatever ails you…. or doesn’t ail you!!! You will always feel better when you leave!

H. H. – Columbia, TN

Beckie has created the most welcoming and least intimidating fitness environment that I have ever experienced. She is kind and knowledgeable, and she truly cares about each of her clients.

M. P. – Franklin, TN