Count on Our Certified Personal Trainers To Guide You

We want to help seniors, get more mobile and balanced through nutrition, flexibility, strength, mind, and body. No matter your issue stroke, cancer, or surgery. Want a better golf game? Want to be able to hold your grandchild without fear of falling?

Younger clients may want to get into that wedding dress through nutrition and exercise we can help. Do you just want to feel better running out of gas at 3:00 in the afternoon, stamina we can help? Children in sports, hurt need rehab we can help, want them to be better at sports and they need help we can do that as well. Personal training with me is about fixing the broken body that just walked through the door.

Beckie Houser and Stephanie Black at FitPlan 360°

Meet Our staff

Our family of trainers are dedicated to you!

Beckie Houser at FitPlan 360°

Beckie Houser, CPT, Certified Nutritionist AFAA, ISSA,NASM,ACE and PCDI
Chopra Certified Coach

Beckie is the proud owner of Fit Plan 360°

​I started on this journey over 20 years ago. Yes, I have the certifications. I am a certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and a nutritionist. But what’s more important than that is that I have life experience. I have been there, done it, and survived. Therefore I can help you walk / run through it too. My goal is to get the American public off the couch, off prescription drugs, and on their way to a happy healthy more active life! ​I can tell you I am alive because of my life style. I am a diabetic that doesn’t need her insulin any more. I started my journey in the health and fitness industry because I was doing research on how to save my own life. Now my goal is to help you with yours. I have been there to help an 11-year-old boy get his strength back to run after a car accident shattered his hip. I have been there to help a beautiful woman who had a stroke, and a broken back get her life back. I have trained or consulted hundreds of people from age 11 to 101. Men and women each with their own life struggles. If you are looking for a trainer with a heart that gets it, I GET IT!

chopra certified coach

Stephanie Black

Personal Trainer

Stephanie brings competence, capability, and fun to the challenge of mobility and physicality. A life-long athlete, she is an avid learner and practitioner of fitness, enhanced with certifications as an athletic trainer, a licensed massage therapist, certified Family Herbalist, and a Master Gardener.

Stephanie Black at FitPlan 360°

J’annine Sullivan NASM certified SFS

Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Trainer

J’annine Sullivan is a devoted healthcare professional with over 40 years of experience with the last 25 years committed to the well-being of our senior population. She specialized in Senior Care, recently selling her in-home care company in Louisiana. J’annine assisted and provided care for those individuals facing the challenges of chronic conditions. Her passion for Quality of Life and aging led her on a new journey and she became a Certified Senior Fitness Trainer with a heavy emphasis on teaching core strengthening, balance, and mobility for fall prevention and safety. J’annine served on the board in addition to being an Ambassador to the Louisiana Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association. She is an active volunteer for Alive Hospice, Certified in End of Life and Dementia Care, member of NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) and a sustainer board member of the Junior League of Nashville. Outside her work, she enjoys hiking and spending time outdoors. She is extremely proud of her daughter who recently became engaged and lives in Lafayette, Louisiana.

J'annine Sullivan FitPlan 360°

What Our Clients are Saying

Beckie is a very enthusiastic, motivational trainer. Each workout is geared to specific needs! Wonderful for us older women!

M. K. – Columbia, TN

I look forward to each class and always feel more energetic when I leave Beckie’s class…also, and most importantly, I trust that Beckie will NOT let us injure ourselves!

D. B. – Columbia, TN

Beckie’s is great for whatever ails you…. or doesn’t ail you!!! You will always feel better when you leave!

H. H. – Columbia, TN

Beckie has created the most welcoming and least intimidating fitness environment that I have ever experienced. She is kind and knowledgeable, and she truly cares about each of her clients.

M. P. – Franklin, TN